sharing dvds
i've noticed that there's quite a bit of dvd swapping going on around here. is a pretty cool way to keep track of who you've loaned to what, and let others know what you have in your library.

billmonk is also handy if you go out to get food with people often, it'll keep track of what you owe people and what they owe you.
Link: christina's billmonk library
christina, Monday, 1-29-07 4:20 PM
bounce the ball back
see, now this is where you make your own list and post it here...
christina, Thursday, 2-1-07 12:29 AM
re: sharing dvds
OK, OK. :) This is quick-n-dirty, so don't get too confused about DVD vs. VHS, special editions, etc.

Link: Annette's billmonk Library
Annette, Thursday, 2-1-07 1:00 PM
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