Flash game: Mysterious Dungeon
I will attempt to embed this. if it doesn't work, click the link below.

Link: Mysterious Dungeon
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Saturday, 2-10-07 3:55 AM
re: Flash game: Mysterious Dungeon
Sheesh. Another puzzle game easy enough to draw me in but hard enough to challenge me to keep trying.
You seem single-handedly committed to destroying my productivity, you know that? :}
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 2-12-07 3:39 PM
re: Flash game: Mysterious Dungeon
its a gift.

actually, there was some serious thought put into what kind of games would fly. to a large contingent of geeks, anxiousness in a game is considered bad. that's why logic is good.

this particular game is also a lot like the game i have on my lynx called Chip's Challenge. darn that handheld for sucking through six AA batteries!
Link: Chip's Challenge
christina, Monday, 2-12-07 4:02 PM
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