Daylight Savings Time
I don't know if I'm just the last to figure this out, but DST is getting worse this year. I've always thought it unfair that we changed to the early time the first Sunday in April and switched back the last Sunday in October. That left us getting up early over half the year (keep in mind, the later time is called _standard time_). Now Europe changed to the early time, which did make it a little odd when communicating with them for that one week, but it wasn't a big deal. We always switched back at the same time.

Starting this year, the U.S. is going to DST the second Sunday in March, and switching back the first Sunday in November. This leaves us skewed from Europe three weeks a year, and means that we only get to sleep in for four months and one week, which is far less than the six months that seems quasi-fair to me. In any event, March 11 is the evil day this year.

David, Thursday, 2-22-07 1:12 PM
re: Daylight Savings Time
Have you ever considered going to bed early to compensate for the earlier rising time?

Oh, wait, scratch that: I just remembered who I was talking to.

Does anyone know if MS has / will released a patch for PCs that will be pushed via the Windows update service so that our machines will change ontime? I know we've got it taken care of at work, but I am just anticipating at home having to manually change then twice: once when DST actually happens, and again when the computer thinks DST is going to happen.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 2-22-07 4:18 PM
re: Daylight Savings Time
hahahaha... you want MS to FIX something??
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Saturday, 2-24-07 1:27 AM
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