Unique USB devices
The link goes to a set of odd USB devices. Example: heated USB slippers. I thought about getting a pair to give them to... And that's where I got. I have no clue who to give these things to. The one I would consider buying for myself was the thumb drive.
Link: http://tech.msn.com/products/article.aspx?cp-docum
David, Friday, 3-2-07 2:50 PM
re: Unique USB devices
so now i don't know WHY they didn't include this one...

a USB fiber optic lightup turd!
Link: USB fiber optic lightup turd
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 3-5-07 2:55 PM
re: Unique USB devices
Well, I agree the slippers are a bit much, but the heated fingerless gloves may be onto something. Can't tell you how often I've been distracted by freezing cold hands while trying to type. Christmas gift ideas, everyone! :)

(To Christina's post, I give a firm "no comment.")
Annette, Monday, 3-5-07 6:00 PM
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