Uprising Concert
Hey there is going to be a big concert at the Clark County Ampitheater on May 26th. It's called Uprising Festival and performing artists include: Third Day, Toby Mac, Kutless, Aaron Shust, Desciple, NeedtoBreathe, & The Myriad. Ticket prices start at $35. Anybody interested in going? More info at the website.
Link: Uprising Festival
Ben, Friday, 4-20-07 8:39 AM
re: Uprising Concert
What, no one likes music here?

ben, Thursday, 4-26-07 1:26 PM
re: Uprising Concert
i'm probably going to hell for this (:-), but i don't listen to christian music.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 4-26-07 5:09 PM
re: Uprising Concert

me either

Actually, I listen to very little secular music either. I don't like pop no matter what the lyrics are. Oh well...
Annette, Thursday, 4-26-07 7:56 PM
re: Uprising Concert
I listen to both - but I don't go to concerts anymore. I just don't find them enjoyable.
Chris S, Friday, 4-27-07 11:33 AM
re: Uprising Concert
well you know what they say....

garbage in garbage out!
ben, Friday, 4-27-07 1:26 PM
re: Uprising Concert
Garbage is a good band, too :-)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 4-27-07 2:44 PM
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