MIRACLES do happen
Special prayer request... I have a friend named Teresa that i've known for about 8-1/2 years. Teresa has been receiving dialysis for over 1/2 of her life. She just got a call today that they have a kidney ready for her. Teresa is checking into OHSU tonight at 10 p.m. and will be in surgery by 1 a.m.

Please pray for Teresa and her husband Crispin as they go through this life changing experience.
Amy, Monday, 4-23-07 9:58 PM
re: MIRACLES do happen
Amy, how did you friend fare?
ben, Thursday, 4-26-07 1:26 PM
re: MIRACLES do happen
I saw Teresa today at OHSU. She is an absolute rock. She is sitting upright in great spirits and has even gotten out of bed a couple of times already to sit in a chair in her room.

So far, so good as her kidney is proving to do what is supposed to. She has 4 more days in the hospital. Then for the 1st 2 weeks after release she goes back for lab tests 3 times a week.

Teresa and her husband Crispin have had a flood of visitors mostly from their church. We all prayed while i was there visiting. This situation just has GOD written all over it.
Amy, Thursday, 4-26-07 6:31 PM
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