another clicky game

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ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 5-9-07 12:08 PM
re: another clicky game
Wow, this brings back memories! First year computer programming class Freshman year of HS (that's ~1990) we had Mac Classics with Hypercard. Hypercard was this schnazzy precurser to "The Internet" that could have been way more than it was, but the best analogy to it today is "PowerPoint on Steroids." You could create templates, pictures, items, etc. and them make clickable hot-spots that linked slide to slide to slide. There was no "state" as such, but you could fake it by having lots of very slightly different slides - i.e. slide one shows a room with a key on a hook, clicking the key brings you to slide 2 which shows a room with no key on the hook.
So the major application we had for this program was to create dungeons similar to the one above and challenge our friends to find their way through them.
Way fun!

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ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 5-10-07 1:06 PM
re: another clicky game
Hypercard was my first programming language, if you can call it a language. I took it in mayterm my sophomore (?) year in the mac lab, when it was freezing in the library basement and boiling outside. it made for potent memories.
christina, Thursday, 5-10-07 3:03 PM
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