Career change
As far as I know, none of us are doing this. It certainly would be a change.

(link removed at concerned reader's request.)
David, Thursday, 5-10-07 3:05 PM
re: Career change
that is really neat! i'd love to see a documentary on it.
creagan, Thursday, 5-10-07 5:23 PM
re: Career change
i found the film its from. its called Straight Up: Helicopters In Action. Unfortunately, the Multnomah County Library doesn't have it.
Link: Straight Up: Helicopters in Action
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 5-10-07 5:38 PM
re: Career change
I have no problem with the video - I find it fascinating.

My problem is with the other content on that website. Just based on the title of the site "Fun Babes" and graphic it probably shouldn't have been linked here. I decided to click the home button - I suggest this be removed from this site as it links back to a sudo porn site.
Chris, Sunday, 5-13-07 7:38 AM
re: Career change
I was able to get the youtube url from the source (which is how i was able to find out which film it was from). Here's a safe version:
Link: High Voltage Cable Inspection video
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 5-14-07 11:35 AM
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