Pictures of Vienna and Romania
These are pictures from the time when Zach was here. Yes, Beth, thank you for making us take pictures. If 1 picture = 1000 words, this should help describe what the time was like much better than I can.
Link: Zach's trip to Europe
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Monday, 6-11-07 9:21 AM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
oh yay. pictures make me happy!
christina, the amature photographer, Monday, 6-11-07 11:03 AM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
Did you notice this one? What sort of people would take a picture like that? Oh, yeah.... It's my favorite one...
David, Tuesday, 6-12-07 3:39 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
actually, i find it interesting. At first I thought it was a window, and then figgered it was probably a reflection, based on the pillar-base below the glass. it gives good perspective on the space I assumed was a subway. come to think of it, maybe it wasn't a subway, but a boring hall.

either way, it made me think. :-)
christina, the amature photographer, Tuesday, 6-12-07 4:07 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
boring to you but to math geeks it may be interesting. that looks as to be an equation of sorts. translation anybody?
ben, Wednesday, 6-13-07 9:21 AM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
Ok. Ok. You all win. Next time I do captions. Just didn't want to do it because it might be something like "Zach and I here", Zach and I there..." Very boring. I will tell you that it is "pi" ((double parenthesis warning - pronounced "pee" in Romanian and probably in German too). I am sorry but I didn't count how many characters because, sadly, I am not much of a math geek). Yes, you all are right. It appears in the metro station in Vienna, along a mirrored wall, in a corridor of other such interesting facts, some of them even related to people, but which were of course written in German so either I couldn't understand them or I had to expend too much energy to try and understand them, which amounts to about the same thing. Sorry for the length of this sentence. It's a little out of control. That's all. Good that I don't write captions or moderate slide shows...
Katy, Wednesday, 6-13-07 9:56 AM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
you should. let's set one up when you get back. you can use our fancy new projector.
ben, Wednesday, 6-13-07 1:02 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
woot! can you work up a heavy romanian accent too?
christina, Wednesday, 6-13-07 3:34 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
Christina, I appreciate the fact that you are apparently both an "amature" photographer and an amateur speller. Knowing how you love to pester me, I just couldn't resist . . .
Dan, Wednesday, 6-13-07 3:55 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
oh ha, i didn't even know that one was misspelled. i'll stick that in the mental logs, along with when i learned it "wierd" was really spelled "weird"
christina, the amateur photographer and speller, Wednesday, 6-13-07 4:36 PM
re: Pictures of Vienna and Romania
Love it! Love it! Love it!
Stephanie, Saturday, 6-16-07 2:22 PM
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