July 4th plans
Hey all... I don't know how July 4th usually works around here, but I thought I'd throw out the idea of having people over to BBQ. Zach mentioned going to the Blues festival, which could either be before or afterward.

If people are interested, I'm happy to host.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 6-22-07 12:19 PM
re: July 4th plans
oohh- fun, fun!
Stephanie, Friday, 6-22-07 2:44 PM
re: July 4th plans
ok so i've only gotten one response so far. does that mean everyone else has other plans? if you're interested, i need to know. i'll be asking tonight at dinner, too.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 6-27-07 12:36 PM
re: July 4th plans
I expect David and I would be interested in BBQ.
Not so much the Blue's Festival, though.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 6-27-07 1:58 PM
re: July 4th plans
I talked to Dave D. last night & he is also very interested in the Blues Festival. I'm not sure if we would go on Wednesday (the 4th) or Saturday after. But I want to go sometime.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Wednesday, 6-27-07 2:23 PM
re: July 4th plans
Mark and I would be up for a BBQ.
Lisa, Thursday, 6-28-07 12:40 PM
re: July 4th plans
Please be aware - whatever your plans - unplanned events can occur on this holiday!

Have fun! I miss you guys. The 4th of July is just that here... sad little me. If you want, you can send me Reeses peanut butter cups and I will get over my sorrow...
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Friday, 6-29-07 5:46 AM
re: July 4th plans
just for you!

ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 6-29-07 12:38 PM
re: July 4th plans
I could be interested...not in blues though...
Steph, Friday, 6-29-07 1:53 PM
re: July 4th plans: THE PLAN STAN
Note for Richard: Please don't announce this on Sunday.

ok, so here are the plans!!

BBQ, my house, Wednesday, July 4th at 6:30pm

You bring:
BYO Meat for yourself
A side/salad/desert to share.
Beer (if you want it, you bring it)
Hot Sauce (if you need it)

I provide:
Hot coals
Drinks (water, soda, juice)
Hamburger buns (no hotdog unless requested)
Grilled Veggies (peppers, onions, zuccini, etc)

My house. Please use the link below to get to the CE directory. Scroll all the way to the bottom for my address. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'd just rather not have my address out there on the wide world of the internet. If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll get it to you a different way. :-)
Link: City's Edge directory (works if you're logged in)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 6-29-07 3:12 PM
re: July 4th plans
So fun! I can't wait...
Stephanie, Saturday, 6-30-07 11:23 AM
re: July 4th plans
I was thinking, too... we could go watch Fireworks on the west side of Mt. Tabor. I did that a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. Not too crowded (parking was worse than sitting) and we could see various fireworks (portland, vancouver, neighborhood) shows from all over, though not super close to any in particular.

i can't believe i hadn't thought of it before!

[edit:] to clarify, still bbq/hang out at my place til twilight, and then jet over there.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 7-2-07 2:26 PM
re: July 4th plans
Whoever wants to come, we're going to the Blues Festival on Saturday. We'll get there around 2 pm. The suggested donation is $8 + 2 cans of food. It really is a good time, even if you're not a big blues fan, to be hanging out downtown on a beautiful day (hopefully). You should come, yes, that means you.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Wednesday, 7-4-07 10:52 AM
Blues Festival
There are 2 main stages. We'll be in front of the one which is on the north side.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Saturday, 7-7-07 10:06 AM
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