Don't worry : Humpty Dumpty is OK!
A new CD version of "Humpty Dumpty" has been released in England with a verse added saying that after Humpty has his great fall:

"Humpty Dumpty opened his eyes
Falling down was such a surprise
Humpty Dumpty counted to 10
Then Humpty Dumpty got up again."

A spokesman said the change was made to "resolve an unhappy ending" for younger children.

Annette, Tuesday, 11-4-03 8:36 AM
I will have to remember that little tidbit for our next fairy tale quiz. ; )
Angie, Tuesday, 11-4-03 9:07 AM

I like the more violent older fairy tales. Humpty Dumpty is destined to be scrambled eggs, Little Red Riding Hood is supposed to get eaten by the wolf, Hansel and Gretel (Hansel???) are baked into a pie...

And now I'm hungry for pastries...

Anonymous, Tuesday, 11-4-03 10:33 AM
happy fairy tales
I can't believe they're re-writing fairy tales to give them happy endings. Rather, I can believe it, I'm just disgusted by it. The study of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and the history around them is an interesting topic that is twisted when the story is adjusted to make it nicer. (London Bridge is falling down, ring around the rosey, etc.)

Plus, just think about the omelet you could make with Humpty. I mean, he must have been an ostrich egg or bigger.
Anonymous, Tuesday, 11-4-03 4:34 PM
Who says Humpty is an egg? The verse certainly doesn't - and yet we all know he is. Perhaps even this detail was added by illustrators and concerned mothers to make the ryhme more pallatable? (Or, maybe it was his appearance in Alice in Wonderland!)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 11-4-03 9:07 PM
Omelets - not just for eggs
I'd like to enlarge the definition of ingredients for omelets. Omelets are made by grouping a variety of substances together, and held together by one or more eggs. So Humpty could've been anything (or anyone, though I prefer not to go in this direction) and still go in an omelet.
Anonymous, Wednesday, 11-5-03 1:19 AM
We already went in *that* direction...
With Hansel & Gretel (Hansel???) and Little Red Riding Hood. :D
Kristine, Wednesday, 11-5-03 8:05 AM
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