Map to Maupin
I posted a link to a Google map to Maupin in the Events section of the website. I had to pick a starting point, so I picked my office. I am sure everyone is geeky enough to enter in their own. ;)
You have the option of taking Hwy 26 E to Hwy 216 as well. It's twistier, since it kinda goes over a mountain. But that's the beauty of Google's new and improved maps: you can drag and drop the blue line to chose another route!
Link: Map to Maupin I-84 route
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 7-30-07 6:31 PM
re: Map to Maupin
so i found out my parents are NOT coming down this week, which means i aim to get to work early and leave early, and hopefully be able to set up my tent before its dark!
christina, Tuesday, 7-31-07 12:54 PM
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