New way to explain conception :)
Scientists theorize that Earth's moon is the result of an accidental collision between the Earth and a planetary body roughly the size of Mars. If this accident hadn't occured, the Earth's oceans wouldn't have tides, and therefore wouldn't form the tidal pools where it is believed the first single-celled organisms developed.

So what happens when world's collide? Life.
Kristine, Wednesday, 11-5-03 12:39 PM
I think the key word would be *theorize*. Sounds like another way for them to *theorize* evolution.
Angie, Wednesday, 11-5-03 1:14 PM

I think "worlds collide" is a great way to describe the whole relationship/marriage/sex thing. Especially with a relationship involving very strong personalities, which I think are the most fun (an admittedly personal bias!)

Anyways, if you'd like to discuss the big bang, evolution, and all we can take it to the serious sections. Bit too heady for a humor board, I think. :)
Kristine, Wednesday, 11-5-03 3:35 PM
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