Thinking of getting a tattoo?
David, Kathy and I were talking about tattoos last night, and what we'd get IF we got one, and where. Amber sent me a link to this today, which I thought was super cool.

If you got one, what would it be of, and where?
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 8-9-07 12:36 PM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
So if you got that tattoo and then took a chemistry class, would you be guilty of cheating?
David, Monday, 8-13-07 12:25 AM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
maybe they'd make you cover it up?
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 8-14-07 1:24 PM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
Link: anatomy tattoos
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 8-15-07 2:18 PM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
why would you need to take a test to prove that you knew it when it was on your arm for all time?
ben, Thursday, 8-16-07 12:14 PM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
That's an excellent question. Somehow I don't think that the average professor would see it your way, though. Points out the inherent fallacy of measuring "learning" by testing what can be accomplished by mere rote memorization. ;)
Annette, Thursday, 8-16-07 1:15 PM
re: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
would that be learning by osmosis? do you think the wearer would know the periodic table of elements because it was always there? or do you think they wouldn't have it in their head because it was always on their arm for reference? (i.e. i don't have anyone's phone numbers in my head because they're conveniently in my phone)
creagan, Thursday, 8-16-07 3:48 PM
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