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Hi everybody! Here is the information about "X fest NW. This is where we will be having worship on Labor Day Sunday. I hope most of you can come. Our band from City's Edge will be on stage at 1PM on Sunday followed by Debbie Day (me), doing mostly original music, accompnied by Steve Hardgrove, at 2PM. Sunday admission is free, so find a ride and come join the fun!

Come up for the day, or come and enjoy the festival and camp out at the fair grounds.

The details are on the X fest NW website. But here are some of the important ones.

X fest “The Christian Music Festival”

Friday 6 PMish bands begin playing.
Saturday Art Fest.
*Sunday Worship.
Festival ends 9 PMish Sunday.
*Sunday is Free Entry for All.
Where? Stevenson Washington about 45 minutes east of Portland Oregon.
When? Labor Day Weekend.
Why? To worship God.
How? By allowing independent bands to perform.
What? Camping, Skatepark (see picture below), Coffee shop, kids playground, 3 total stages, Acoustic, hiphop, punk, hard rock, electronica. Breakfast and lunch is available for purchase at the coffeehouse. No alcohol is allowed on the fairgrounds. No fires are allowed on the fairgrounds.

Admission? $20 dollars per person, at the door, to get in for the entire festival. Presale tickets are $15 available through itickets.com. Children age 10 and under free. Youth groups contact Malana Ganz at info..at..xfestnw.org.

Camping? $10 dollars per campsite, for the entire festival, (up to 6 people). Campsites must be purchased at the gate on the day of the event.

Showers? Yes (Quarters).

What to bring? A Christlike-mind, food, tents or trailers, a towel, and a camping stove if you plan to cook.

Directions? From Portland, take I-84 to the "Bridge of the Gods" (exit 44) a toll bridge which costs $1 to cross (both ways). Take a right at Highway 14 on the Washington State side and drive for about 1 mile. Take a left at the historic site marker. Drive another mile you'll see camping on the right hand side

Physical Address:
Xfest NW
650 Rock Creek Dr.
Stevenson, WA

Link: http://xfestnw.org/
ROUS  Debbie Day, Monday, 8-20-07 1:41 PM
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