Bumper Stickers
Found a couple of sources that will make us Bumper Stickers pretty cheap.
We'd joked a while ago about a "Give Platitudes a Chance" bumper sticker. How many people would like to have one of their very own? If the number is at least 5, we can do it for $3/each. If the number is less, it'll be closer to $3.50 or $4
For all who are interested, would you prefer oval / "international" style, or rectangular 3 x 10 size?

Second question: How many would like a City's Edge bumper sticker? (Same prices, although if we get at least 10 the price drops to $2.)
And again, would you prefer oval or rectangular? And do you prefer the web logo, the front sign logo, or one of the logos Aaron drew at Mayhem? (I s'pose I should post those, huh?)
Everyone has to get the same design in order to get the quantity discount, of course.

Let me know

ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 8-23-07 12:12 PM
re: Bumper Stickers
i've always wanted to make one that said "Google for President". I'm sure I could find something humorous to put in an oval, too.

on a more practical note, I don't know that I'd put one on my car unless it was magnetic (and my bumper isn't metal) or reverse-printed (ink/sticky same side) static to go in the window.
christina, Friday, 8-24-07 1:41 PM
re: Bumper Stickers
I'd like to get one but it would have to be pretty humorous/clever.

In response to Christina's post - you could always tape it to the back windshield of your car.
Stephanie, Friday, 8-24-07 5:14 PM
re: Bumper Stickers
i've done that, and the sun bakes the tape into nastiness that shall never be removed.
christina, Friday, 8-24-07 5:41 PM
re: Bumper Stickers
Seriously? Even magic tape?
Stephanie, Friday, 8-24-07 6:30 PM
re: Bumper Stickers
aparently peanut butter can do thie trick! you can get the crunchy kind for extra scrubbing power! we have a huge jar.
ben, Saturday, 8-25-07 9:30 AM
re: Bumper Stickers
I'd like a City's Edge one. I think that would be pretty cool. Oh and Mel is good at taking things like that off. He could tell you what to use too.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Saturday, 8-25-07 11:43 AM
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