Evil Monkeys? Try Escalators!
(Noted in the Oregonian's "Odd Blog") :
Was anyone else scared off escalators as a child? I was constantly afraid that they were going to suck me in and eat my toes if I failed to jump off at just the right moment. Seems I had cause....

ROME (Reuters) - A British woman died and two other people were seriously injured Tuesday when part of an escalator in a train station in Rome collapsed and they fell into the cogwheels beneath, police said.

Police said the 63-year-old woman was mangled in the wheels when she lost her footing. Two plates of the rolling escalator were missing, they said.

Two men walking behind the woman were injured when they fell in after her. The first, who tried to save her, may lose a leg. The second injured his hand and is in shock, police said.

Annette, Thursday, 11-6-03 2:13 PM

Now I'm having "Mallrats" flashbacks.
Kristine, Thursday, 11-6-03 4:10 PM
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