Annette's not as big a nerd as you thought
Only 35.714285714285715% of me is a nerd! How about you?
Annette, Friday, 12-12-03 11:00 AM
The test's not fair...
Yeah, I got a 52%. Clearly this test isn't accurate, since Annette's a much bigger nerd than I am. It was simply a test that you would get correct answers to if you'd been exposed to a few key sets of books. Plus I must have gotten lucky on guessing. I only knew the answer to about 30% of the questions.
ROUS  David , Friday, 12-12-03 3:14 PM
Couldn't get any results...
... but I gotta say I love the pic they've got on their page.

John deLancie
Anonymous, Saturday, 12-13-03 1:30 PM
That was supposed be (swoon)John deLancie(/swoon) in fake bulletin board code, which ended up disappearing. Did not mean to imply that the actor is actually reading this board...

Sorry about that...
Anonymous, Saturday, 12-13-03 1:33 PM
What? I'm a bigger Nerd than Dave?
Who is that that consistently stays up 'til 3 am reading fantasy? Who is it who actually knew what a Dritzz was? Who is it that *calculated* his estimated score of 30% +/- 14% for good guesses?
Annette, Tuesday, 12-16-03 5:21 PM
A better Nerd Test

Now be honest: What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this picture?
Annette, Tuesday, 12-16-03 5:22 PM
Purple uniforms?
There never were any purple uniforms in ST:TOS! WTH???

(that was my first thought... really!)
Kitty, Sunday, 12-21-03 9:20 PM
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