Brevity = Wit
(Taken blatantly from The Edge. Of course, they took it blatantly from The Washington Post...)
In a recent contest, The Washington Post asked its readers for terse reviews (four words or fewer) of movies, books, etc. Some of our favorite entries:

"The Sting": Just a B Picture.
Fellini's "8 1/2": Nein!
"S.W.A.T.": C.W.A.P.
"The Sound of Music": DOA, dear.
"Love Story": Sorry!
"Cast Away": Man overbored.
"Analyze This": OK, it's awful. Satisfied?
"Fargo": Forgo.
"To Have and Have Not": Has not.
"Oliver": Please, sir, no more!
"The Odd Couple": I smell Oscar.
"Cheers": Booze.
"The Sting": Where is its death?
"On the Water-front": Long snore, man.
"Annie": Get your gun.
"Oh, God": Dog, ho!
"Moby-Dick": Call me fishmeal.
"Signs": Do not enter.
"Camelot": Let it be forgot.
"Girl, Interrupted": Boy! Interminable!
"Being There": Leaving early.
"Annie Hall": Blah-de-dah.
"Conan the Barbarian": I'm groping for words.
"Twelve Angry Men": Make that thirteen.
"Jaws": Box office poisson.
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly": Two out of three!
"Babe": On't-day o-gay.
"I, Claudius": It, tedious.
"Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever": Critic: Head vs. wall.
"Gigli": Reagli, reagli unappeagli.
"Shampoo": Genuine poo.
"Shampoo": Much hairdo about nothing.
"Casablanca": Don't play it, Sam.
"Star Wars": Stay far, far away.
"Moulin Rouge": Merde she wrote.
"The Shoes of the Fisherman": Smelt.
"The Great Gatsby": F--- Scott Fitzgerald.
"Flirting With Disaster": Flirting?
"Animal Farm": Ewe.
Annette, Friday, 1-9-04 12:48 PM
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