Top 10 Musicians
Ok, I thought we could all post our top 10 Musicians/Bands. I think it'd be pretty interesting to find out what people like (although I think I've got Dave's #1 pegged).

Here's my list, I'm defining "favorite" as to how loud I turn up the song when it comes on the radio/CD. This was pretty tough to narrow it down.

10. Norah Jones
9. Jack Johnson
8. Ella Fitgerald
7. U2
6. Sam Bush
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn
4. CCR
3. Van Morrison
2. Bob Marley
1. Johnny Cash

Honorable mention (in no particular order): The Eagles, Miles Davis, Cake, James Taylor, REM, Pearl Jam
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Monday, 3-29-04 12:30 AM
A Few of mine (in no particular order)
(Hey Zack, I propose we post these anonymously - then see how well we know each other Wednesday night!)

1. Rich Mullins
2. Michael Card
3. Eden's Bridge (usually)
4. U2
5. Johnny Cash
6. Third Day
7. Jars of Clay
8. Simon and Garfunkle (when in the right mood)
9. The Beatles (ditto)
10. Most Anything Celtic - vaguely or otherwise.

My current playlist contains all of the above with the exception of #9; And I agree, #10 is a wimping out a bit; I simply haven't been able to ID favorite Celtic artists thus far, except for the ones already appearing on my list (Eden's Bridge, Michael Card.) Brian Dunning and Phil Keaggy are two other good names, but I own very little of their stuff. Ceilie (sp!) Rain is a good niche player too.

Honorable Mention goes to the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack and much music of a similar genre. Also Tchaikovsky's "The Four Seasons."
Anonymous, Monday, 3-29-04 4:34 PM
well you all know who I am
This is easy #1.Hendrix(how can you argue that?)#2.Beatles#3.Bradley Nowell#4.Metallica#5.Aerosmith#6.Bob Marley#7.Weezer#8.Kurt Cobain#9.S.O.A.D#10.Offspring(they got bumped up because they have a guitar player named noodles)#274.U2
Anonymous, Thursday, 4-1-04 10:46 AM
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