There's a new one 'round here somewhere.
Quick, if you hurry you might be able to beat Angie to it!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 4-5-04 5:16 PM
Some Hints
(1) It's not in the Discussions area
(2) It's not in Photos or Drama either.
(3) You have to move the mouse over something
(4) Something is underlined that usually isn't.
(5) It's only Taco Bell, people!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 4-8-04 1:27 PM
I give up
I've already logged over an hour searching for a free Taco Bell meal. By my calcs, I'm earning less than minimum wage, so I'm giving up.

I'm not signing this, but I'm sure Annette knows who I am.
Anonymous, Friday, 4-9-04 9:46 AM
Blatant Hint
You know, you've just got to ask yourself "What do we Value at City's Edge?"
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 4-9-04 3:44 PM
Ok, I don't know how I missed the first 20 times I looked at the core values page (actually, I don't think it shows up on my home PC, it's too old), but there it is, a giant Russian-looking easter egg appearing w/ 4 parka wearing people when you mouse over the "core values." It doesn't exactly feel good to win this way, its kind of like when you're 8 and you realize your Mom has been letting you beat her at checkers all these years, and you really actually suck when you thought you were good.

Oh well, Taco Bell is Taco Bell.
Zach, Saturday, 4-10-04 11:30 AM
Oh no! I haven't logged on in the last few days, and now I see the hints and that Zach FINALLY found the egg! I am the easter egg champion! It is not fair that you had to basically tell him where to look! Oh, well. I surrender my crown. Wear it proudly, Zach... it can be heavy at times.
Angie (former easter egg champion, lover of Taco B, Tuesday, 4-13-04 1:01 PM
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