Name the Band!!! Win a prize!!!
As mentioned at church today, it is high time to name the band. If you've got a suggestion, let's hear it. You may win valuable prizes! Or just prize! I'm! Or whatever else I can jack from my kids' Easter candy.

Here's how it will work. Submissions will be accepted until May 15. At that point, a panel of experts will narrow the field to create a ballot. Voting will be conducted on May 23 with ballots on the back table at church.

So what, you may ask, would make a good name? I dunno, but I'm thinking that the main rule is that it should be clean. Beyond that, you have creative license. How 'bout a name like Herman and the Conquistadors? Or The Lawn Gnomes? Maybe, since we are talking about a Christian band, the name should have a vaguely religious sounding name. What about Pastor Dan and the Funky Bunch? Or Smite?

Well, it's in your hands. Submit your suggestion today!
ROUS  Doug Miller, Sunday, 5-2-04 4:05 PM
OK, here's a few
  • Les Whacked and The Rest of 'em
  • F3 (F-cubed), for "Fully Functional Followers"
  • Alliteration
  • No Pretense
  • Annette, Tuesday, 5-4-04 2:12 PM
    band names
    Bald head Dan and the Believers,The Banham Bunch,A Great Band and a bald Old Guy,White Sabbath,The Caffeine Dream,Bacon Junkies,The BloodSavesd Gang,Pick the best one
    Kyle, Wednesday, 5-5-04 12:01 AM

    Ux, where x is the number of people in the band. So now it would be U6, and potentially change in name as people come and go.
    ROUS  David , Wednesday, 5-5-04 2:19 PM
    Ultra-Cheezy One
    Grace Notes
    (for all you non-musicians, "grace note" is a musical term for an ornament or embelishment to a melody, usually played before the beat.)
    Anonymous, Wednesday, 5-5-04 2:37 PM
    how about.....
    Songs for Sunday
    ben, Friday, 5-7-04 5:37 PM
    Dave you managed to work U2 and math into a band name,very impressive.
    Anonymous, Saturday, 5-8-04 12:40 PM
    Band Title
    Cross Purposes
    Anonymous, Monday, 5-10-04 8:24 PM

    How 'bout Dan and the Hacksackers?
    Anonymous, Monday, 5-10-04 9:03 PM
    Living Translations.
    Anonymous, Monday, 5-10-04 9:58 PM
    Name for the Band
    How about: Smashing Catagories
    Kathy, Tuesday, 5-11-04 12:56 PM
    Was it really Kathy who came up with Smashing Catagories?
    Anonymous, Wednesday, 5-12-04 3:45 PM
    I know it was
    She called me up to ask how to log in. :)
    ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 5-13-04 12:07 PM
    Furnished Follies on Coffee and shorts in the Summer

    Kathy, Sunday, 1-16-05 11:39 PM
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