Website Taglines: Input Requested
OK, just 'cause we need something else to argue about...
Dave has made it clear to me that some (OK, all, but that's just Dave) of our rotating taglines need to go.
If you've never noticed these, take a look at the home page next time you're in and reload it a couple of times. Not only will this increase our visitor page count, but you will see that the orange text at the top of the page changes nearly every time.

So anyway, here's a list of the taglines we have :

1. Worth the Commute
2. Youth Group for Grownups
3. Not your Grandma's Church
4. Less Whacked Out than the Rest of 'Em
5. Coffee's On Us
6. Church Without Pretense
7. Hey! Where's the organ?
8. Cool baptismal!
9. Mmmm...bacon!
10. Hey! Where are the pews?
11. Open to the Public!

What I'd like to hear from you is
1) Which ones Have to go?
2) Which ones Have to stay?
3) Do you have any additional taglines to propose? (there's no minumum or maximum # we can use - except 0!)

As I mentioned, Dave hates 'em all with a passion.
But Stephanie says that "Church Without Pretense" actually contributed to getting her in the door the first time.
Angie has also given a strong vote in favor of "Youthgroup for Grownups."
I am personally willing to give up 3,4 and 7-10.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 5-6-04 2:32 PM
Annette's not quite right...
Annette overstated my feelings for the taglines. Many of them I don't hate with a passion. In fact, for the most part it's a passionless dislike.

This came about in part because I realized that almost all of the taglines would steer me away from ever visiting the church. However, as Annette pointed out, Stephanie is an example of a person who has an opposite reaction to at least some of the taglines.

Here are my thoughts on each of the current taglines.

1. Worth the Commute: Not that many people go through a really long commute (though there are definitely exceptions), and it makes it sound like the church is a long way from everywhere. It's actually conveniently located for a large number of people.

2. Youth Group for Grownups: I disliked youth groups, so this just makes me think that it'll have all the terrible stuff from youth group. Definite turn-off. I realize some people like the fact that it has similarities to a good youth group for grown-ups (actually, I'm in that category), but the connotations are all bad to anyone with a background similar to mine.

3. Not your Grandma's Church: Just needs to go. So many bad ways to take it and almost none good. Actually, everything that starts has "not your [other generation]'s" bugs me.

4. Less Whacked Out than the Rest of 'Em: Hardly a recommendation. It's like we're saying every church is dumb, we're just the least dumb.

5. Coffee's On Us: Coffee? Who cares? I realize that some might disagree with me on this, but coffee should not be a major focus. There's no mention of tea or hot chocolate (nor should there be), and they're at the same level of appropriate focus. It's the focus on coffee that makes me want there to be no coffee; otherwise, it would just be a beverage I don't like to drink.

6. Church Without Pretense: Little weak in my mind, but probably the least bad on this list. My only issue is that it's kind of like saying you're proud to attend the church without pride. Saying you're not pretentious is a bit pretentious. This is the one Stephanie really liked.

7. Hey! Where's the organ?: Made sense years ago. Most churches I've been to haven't had organs. An organ itself isn't a turn-off anyway - it just depends on what you do with it. This statement makes me want to learn to play an organ and buy an SUV to bring it to church every Sunday to play. (Don't worry, I won't actually inflict my musical talent on anyone.)

8. Cool baptismal!: Made some humorous sense when we met at an aquatic center. Now it just seems like it needs to go.

9. Mmmm...bacon!: Pretty weak. It's an inside joke, and really doesn't come across on the web very well. Also, it would turn off vegetarians and others who don't eat pork.

10. Hey! Where are the pews?: Again, not an attraction. I've attended churches that had pews and were great, and ones without that were terrible.

11. Open to the Public!: What church isn't? It's like saying "fresh milk, now with less radioactive substance". Certainly doesn't need an exclamation point.

>> 3) Do you have any additional taglines to propose?
>>(there's no minumum or maximum # we can use - except 0!)
Just to propose something, why not have none? If there are good ones, we can use them, but not having any isn't a terrible thing. If we end up with only one, we can just make it the constant choice.

>> I am personally willing to give up 3,4 and 7-10.
Taking those out would be a good start.

Personally, I'd suggest more things about a place to be yourself, to be real and open, a place of community, etc. I don't have any taglines in mind, but those are the aspects that I think would be the basis for good taglines.
David, Thursday, 5-6-04 5:40 PM
A couple of things. First of all, the bacon one needs to stay. I would even vote for one about biscuits & gravy.

mmm . . . gravy. Now, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, I also like the "church without pretense" & the "less wacked out" one. I think they both point to the fact that most churches suck. I mean that in the most offensive way possible. I mean, I didn't like church growing up, it was all about putting on a happy face for two hours. Or sometimes 3 hours. It's just another way to inflict self-punishment & feel guilty. I mean who in their right minds goes to these churches.

Sorry, stepping off my soap box now. I do think that anything about community/eating would be good. Did I mention biscuits & gravy?
Zach, Saturday, 5-8-04 1:16 PM
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