OK, everyone. Per last night's brainstorm at Dave's, we're starting a new discussion called "Overheard."
Reply to this string, with title as in this message, whenever you hear something too good to pass up. Attribution is required.
If we get enough, I'll add 'em to a cycler like the taglines on the home page.
Here's one to start us off:

(To Zach) "You can have your Tupperware back when you give me my crockpot. Wait... I can't believe I just said that."
-- Dan
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 5-24-04 1:26 PM
Sunday's Overheard
"Can we get started now? Have the police left?"
-Kathy to Dan
Annette, Sunday, 5-30-04 9:10 PM
"Smite you, buddy!"
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 6-7-04 1:38 PM
kids are awsome
I think we should call dave "lord of the geeks" -Grant
Anonymous, Tuesday, 6-8-04 12:32 AM
"My art project is better than your art project!"

Zach, to Kyle
Anonymous, Thursday, 10-7-04 12:41 PM
Dave: I'm having makeup issues.

Kyle: Get 'er done!
Anonymous, Monday, 11-1-04 10:32 AM
Stephanie: (in deep distress) "I just ate a booger!"
Annette, Monday, 11-15-04 12:17 PM
re: Overheard
Dan: "God, he's a lot like Jesus, only less fleshy."
Sarah: Laughs and stomps feet

Tauna, Thursday, 7-7-05 10:56 AM
re: Overheard
what, nothing funny has been said lately?
ben, Friday, 9-16-05 2:35 PM
re: Overheard
Nothing printable. :)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 9-16-05 3:00 PM
re: Overheard
"Will there be any scrapbooking? 'Cause I'd like to get in on that."

"The pavement is my enemy."

(paraphrased for clarity)
"I think when she said 'yes' she was on the phone and you just thought she was talking to you."
-Grant (to Kyle)
-Annette, Thursday, 10-27-05 9:54 AM
re: Overheard
Dave: Open the window! It's too hot in here!
Tauna: Quit knitting!
Annette, Thursday, 11-17-05 9:47 AM
re: Overheard
"I'll stop shooting babies."

- December
Tauna, Thursday, 11-17-05 2:35 PM
re: Overheard
"After being on a plane for 10 hours straight, I could kick a cat through a fan!"

- Anonymous
Tauna, Thursday, 11-17-05 2:36 PM
re: Overheard
I think December was a little more equivocable than that! Didn't she say "At this time, I won't shoot babies?" Leaving the option open for another time? ;)
A, Thursday, 11-17-05 6:54 PM
"After being on a plane for 10 hours straight, I could kick a kid through a fan!"
- Stephanie

I thought my mishearing was more appropriate than the actual comment. After all, what did the cat do it irritate you?
David, Friday, 11-18-05 12:02 PM
re: Overheard
Jason: You know, Craft Warehouse has some really nice yarn!
A, Monday, 11-21-05 11:56 AM
re: Overheard
David: I support children.
Stephanie: What, by buying things from China?

Stephanie: I really like seaweed, because really good seaweed doesn't taste like seaweed.
David, Friday, 12-16-05 8:29 PM
re: Overheard
long time ago while trying to find her way to beth and dan's house stephanie said, "dan, i'm lost!"
ben, Wednesday, 12-28-05 7:36 PM
re: Overheard
At Tauna's Wedding while wearing a Tux
"You look very nice Dave."
"No! I look like I'm suffering."
Lisa, Monday, 1-2-06 6:16 PM
re: Overheard
Katy after watching Napoleon Dynamite:

That was good for me, just like vegetables!
ben, Saturday, 6-24-06 4:20 PM
re: Overheard
To set some context, we were playing cards...

Dan: You don't want to get caught with your pants down with two queens.
David, Thursday, 8-3-06 11:30 PM
re: Overheard
"I wish I had one of those 3-D posters, so when I go cross-eyed from staring at my screen for too long, a little sailboat pops up."
--Overheard by a developer at work

"Its not that you don't know anything, its that you ADMIT that you don't know anything!"
--Overheard by someone at work
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 1-10-08 3:05 PM
re: Overheard
Annette: I don't want to have kids. It'll hurt my tax situation.

Christina, Wednesday, 1-16-08 11:05 PM
re: Overheard
OK, OK. Ha ha. But I thought this one was much funnier out of context:

Annette: That wasn't very nice!
David: Well, you teleported a zombie right onto me
Annette: Oh, I'll do worse than that!
Annette, Thursday, 1-17-08 10:26 AM
re: Overheard
"I am here to be a courteous guest."
-Dave (when asked to open the carmel corn)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 1-30-08 12:33 AM
re: Overheard
Tristan: My godson's wearing crotchless pantyhose.
Stephanie: But they're masculine crotchless pantyhose.
David, Friday, 1-9-09 9:39 PM
re: Overheard
Sarah: I will be making myself breakfast for dinner. Come over whenever you want and we can do math
David, Wednesday, 2-11-09 4:39 PM
re: Overheard
Dan, in a sermon: Hope needs to be broken down.
ROUS  David , Monday, 11-2-09 7:36 PM
re: Overheard
Dan, again in sermon: Psalms is full of it...
ROUS  Ben Richards, Sunday, 1-16-11 2:23 PM
re: Overheard
The teletubby just killed the green lantern.

Ive always wanted to do this to you Grant now stand still. (David)

Im OK, I can quit anytime I want.

If you shoot somebody and they yell at you then they are on your team.

Every time&I keep turning into a teletubby even if I dont want to.

You might not want to just stand against the wall smoking cigarettes.

I dont even know how to get away from wherever I am.

Stand still so I can shoot you.

I wish I could have killed Paul a couple of times and Yoda too.

Overheard at Grant's LAN party last year.
ROUS  Beth Banham, Monday, 1-17-11 11:26 AM
re: Overheard
December, during practice:
"Give ear to my words, Oh Lord.
Consider my Medication"
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 1-18-11 8:40 AM
re: Overheard
Not certain if this is exactly correct, but it's the gist of the statement.
"I'm looking for a woman who can carry an entire pig on her shoulders. Not one of those small pet pigs, either. More like a 900 pounder." --Dave Bowler
ROUS  Dan Banham, Wednesday, 1-19-11 4:14 PM
re: Overheard
I think it was Lisa who made the original statement about a woman who can carry an entire pig on her shoulders, and Dave said, "Are you saying I should add it to my list of [dating] requirements?"
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Thursday, 1-20-11 7:33 PM
re: Overheard
I think I'm okay with not taking credit for this one.

ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Friday, 1-21-11 2:14 AM
re: Overheard
Lisa: "Are you saying toilets are romantic?"
Beth: "Yes."
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Sunday, 1-23-11 6:27 PM
re: Overheard
James, upon seeing all 5 baby girls on the floor for their photo shoot: "Uh Oh!"
ROUS  Annette Collins, Sunday, 1-23-11 9:41 PM
re: Overheard
Dan and Bowler discussing the fact that cornflower is a color... Dan says:
"I have known this for awhile and I am NOT metro!"
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Wednesday, 1-26-11 9:08 PM
re: Overheard
Although this could certainly refer to me, I believe I have to attribute the quote to Dave Bowler.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Sunday, 1-30-11 7:50 PM
re: Overheard
Dave: Concerning his house being child proof. "I think you will find that it does a good job of defending itself."

ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Sunday, 1-30-11 9:31 PM
re: Overheard
Annette: Who'd have thought vampires could bring people together?
Debbie: Yeah, one minute they're sucking your blood, and the next they're forming connections!

Annette: The Women's Prayer Group has it's own gang sign!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 2-8-11 8:53 PM
re: Overheard
Doug, to December about his Metal Sunday Mohawk: "Don't worry honey, it's only for church, then I'll shave it off."

Only at City's Edge... lol
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Sunday, 5-22-11 9:43 PM
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