Remind you of anyone?
Except, perhaps, for the overwhelming arrogance?
Link: No Pants
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 6-8-04 12:13 PM
I think dave would make a great dilbert character.We need to find a good artist and have them draw a city's edge comic strip and post it weekly on our website.I already have an idea for the first one.As a joke we take dave to a hypnotherapist who convinces him to wear pants.It works to our surprise.Then we realize all his dave powers came from his shorts.He loses the ability to calculate tips,do aikido throws,eat hot foods,read for 10 straight hours,and worst of all he cant remember any U2 trivia.We get bored with the new dave after about 2 days so we take him back and have him de-programed.When he comes to he looks down and sees that hes wearing pants.To our shock he goes into a blind pant hating rage, tares his pants off and immediatly sets them on fire.Luckily annette had a pair of "dave shorts" handy and once he gets them on he becomes the same old dave.
kyle, Friday, 6-11-04 1:15 AM
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