Along the lines of the geek quiz...
Yes, that's right I've found an extension of that life-changing geek quiz. Do I get bonus points now? It is a quiz to find out what sci-fi/fantasy character you are most like. Hey, who knew I would be Yoda. Anyway, try it out...

Link: Geek Quiz Pt. II- the character within
Sarah, Tuesday, 6-22-04 6:35 PM
Yoda Too...
Who'd a thunk it?
But will Dave be Darth Vader? :)
Annette, Tuesday, 6-22-04 10:59 PM
Something's amiss with this quiz - I ended up as Yoda as well, and that's not right!
ROUS  , Wednesday, 6-23-04 9:07 AM
Yoda #4
Ok, I think there's a conspiracy here. Annette, did you rig this?
Zach, Wednesday, 6-23-04 9:13 AM
Why would you accuse me of rigging?
Sarah posted the quiz link!

(More likely, there are 3 or 4 questions - probably the ones about an afterlife and spiritual beliefs - that when answered in the way nearly all of us would, force you to the Yoda mold. Oh, wait, you probably weren't looking for a serious answer...)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 6-23-04 9:37 AM
Didn't get Yoda...
I'll assert that Annette didn't rig the quiz, because I didn't get Yoda or Vader. There were a couple of questions I could go either way on, so I did the four combinations that resulted. Three of the results had me as Gandalf. Do people think that fits for me?
David, Wednesday, 6-23-04 3:45 PM
Yoda's common
I looked at the stats for how many people get what, and Yoda is the third most common result, behind Galadriel and Aragorn.
David, Wednesday, 6-23-04 4:00 PM
NOT Yoda
I got Luke Skywalker: Boldly striving to overcome the darkness both in this world and within yourself, you are righteously devoted to forging your own destiny.

It's your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my powers.

But I don't waaaant to be whiny...

Angie, Thursday, 6-24-04 8:49 AM
Several people's results...
Lisa: Gandalf (3 times), Spock (once)
Grant: Gandalf
Beth: Galadriel
Kyle: Gandalf (once), Spock (once), Sam (once), Marcus (from Babylon 5, once)

David, Monday, 6-28-04 3:36 PM
just call me
Ben Kenobi
Ben, Tuesday, 6-29-04 10:27 PM
I'm the first Anikyn Skywalker! Ha! to all of you creatires!

Anonymous, Sunday, 1-16-05 11:30 PM
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