Legion of Angels
I'm posting this link under "for fun" because I don't know where it belongs. I came across the site while browsing the web, looking at art work, and this guy had commissioned some good art. Parts of the site are interesting and could go in General Discussion or Deep Thoughts, and parts of it aren't even worth bothering with. I haven't checked out the whole site, and don't know what the guy believes.
Link: http://www.legionofangels.net/
David, Friday, 12-14-07 7:45 PM
re: Legion of Angels
maybe he might like the angel i got on thursday.

ROUS  Christina Reagan, Saturday, 12-15-07 10:17 AM
re: Legion of Angels
I believe in God, and that's enough.

Thank you for viewing and for your opinions.

Omega, Monday, 1-21-08 6:59 PM
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