Free Rice

We won't tell you our score 'cause we know you all are smarter than us....(at least some of you)
Stephanie and Ben, Tuesday, 12-18-07 11:05 PM
re: Free Rice
Cute. I stopped at 420 grains w/ a vocab level of 42. Some of them were pretty tough...
Annette, Wednesday, 12-19-07 11:33 AM
re: Free Rice
I stopped at 180. Came out at 40 on vocabulary. It's amazing to me how many words I understand but seldom use. I think I have dumbed down my vocabulary over the years just so I don't have to explain myself as often. On the other hand, don't even ask me to spell them for you, unless of course you want a good laugh.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 12-19-07 3:42 PM
re: Free Rice
Ok - we're feeling pretty good. I don't want to tell you how many grains we donated staying up half the night...let's just say that we "gifted" enough rice to feed most of the Asians on the west side.

Our score topped out at 42.
Stephanie, Wednesday, 12-19-07 8:14 PM
re: Free Rice
Annette and I stopped a little over 1000 with a level of 47. Not sure how many Asians that'd feed.
David C, Wednesday, 12-19-07 10:48 PM
re: Free Rice
I need to find a different church or really listen carefully, maybe even take notes, when you all are talking, when I come back! Dan, if you could not use big words in your sermons,...

ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Thursday, 12-20-07 8:19 AM
re: Free Rice
yes, well, I expect you could pretty easily wipe the floor with all of us combined in Romanian. :)
Annette, Thursday, 12-20-07 8:29 PM
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