The Non-Geeks Guide to Building a New Computer
More and more people these days are building their own computers. Not only does it cost less to put together a machine yourself, but you also get to avoid the ignorant, shifty-eyed salesmen in PC World who only exist to pressure you into buying a worthless extended warranty. So why doesn't everyone build their own computer?

Because, of course, most people don't know how. There is a mystique surrounding computers - we are led to believe that they are sophisticated and complicated pieces of equipment that need to be built by trained experts using special tools such as "screwdrivers". This is simply untrue.

Building a computer is a surprisingly easy process that requires no technical knowledge or expensive components. Just follow my easy tutorial and you will soon have a computer powerful enough to play the latest games like Half-Life 3 and Doom 7 - for almost no money at all!
(follow link for rest of instructions)
Link: Build your own PC
Anonymous, Monday, 6-28-04 2:45 PM
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