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Maybe I've got too much free time, but I actually read some of the packages that entered our house this Christmas. I found a couple of things mildly amusing and thought I'd post them here instead of trying to awkwardly work them into a conversation later.

Marie got a hamster and necessary accessories for Christmas. The cage she got is completely pink. The box it came in tried to pass it off as sort of looking like a castle. In fact, there is a picture of a hamster on the box wearing one of those pointy princess hats. The caption under it says, "For thy hamsters and thy gerbils."

Santa brought me a box of chocolates for my stocking. The front of the box has a reference to a scripture verse (Isaiah 40:31, to be exact.) Hmm, I said to myself. That seems random. Well, that's until you turn the box over. On the back, next to the ingredients and nutritional facts, the Heart & Soul Candy Company has listed their mission statement. It reads as follows: "The Heart & Soul Vision is to give cheerfully and generously to good works around the world by providing scripture-based high quality chocolate and candy products that bless the hearts and souls of people everywhere." I'm sure that if you'll turn with me in your bibles to Isaiah 40:31 we'll find, "Thou shalt not include high fructose corn syrup in thy chocolate!"
ROUS  Doug Miller, Monday, 12-31-07 6:57 PM
re: Product Descriptions
ha ha!
Stephanie, Tuesday, 1-1-08 12:03 PM
re: Product Descriptions
I'll be the first to agree that high quality chocolates are good for the soul, but I don't know I'd go so far as to associate them with "mounting up on wings as eagles..."

I've seen a handful of products that randomly reference scripture, and I never quite know what to think. Most recently I saw a reference to something in Exodus on a cinnamon-scented twiggy broom of all things. I eventually got around to looking it up and I honestly think it was a recipe for anointing oil.
Annette, Wednesday, 1-2-08 3:45 PM
re: Product Descriptions
yeah, like those "Testamints"? I've always thought that putting a cross or verse on an ordinary object to make it "christian" was overkill. i may be a bit jaded though.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 1-2-08 5:55 PM
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