The Edge
Today's Edge hit close to home for Katy, and given my experience with the public transporation near Dracula's castle, I can attest that this is sorely needed. I think our bus got up to 15 miles on hour on the highway, but at least it was 2 hours late & had the worst suspension ever. Good times.

Officials in Brasov spent $400,000 on a luxury bus for Dracula sight-seeing tours, only to find it was too big to get through the city gates.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Tuesday, 1-22-08 4:12 PM
re: The Edge
yikes. sounds ... memorable.
christina, Tuesday, 1-22-08 5:36 PM
re: The Edge
The trip back to Brasov from the castle was most memorable for me and I think Zach only noticed the suspension because he was being sympathetic. I'll explain more later...

Sometimes officials don't notice every detail... There are so many stories, fun ones.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Thursday, 1-24-08 12:54 AM
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