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I couldn't decide whether this ought to be categorized as "For Fun" or "Deep Thoughts." It's really only funny because so much of it is true...
Link: (The Onion) In An Open Relationship w/ God
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 4-5-08 10:49 PM
re: Onion Article
How delisiously twisted!

You know, I think there are some people out there who are just that gullible.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Sunday, 4-6-08 4:06 PM
re: Onion Article
I think most people around are living the dream on of an open relationship on this one. It is hard to know if it's deep or fun, Annette. I think it's both. And it's really sad to me, I guess. Because the dream ends and you wake up at some point.

I couldn't help but think of this. Maybe it's how the husband, who hasn't committed to an "open relationship", might feel. Recognizing that all analogies break down at some point, it is amazing how this one lines up.
Link: A rejected husband's feelings on open marriage
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Wednesday, 4-9-08 12:21 PM
re: Onion Article
if i might play the devil's advocate here... i don't claim to agree with the writer's ideas, but i think i do understand them.

her point was that God already has an open relationship, but she didn't. God loves everyone, you me and them, but expects us to love Him only. i can accept this precisely because He's GOD and i'm not. it is ironic, though, and i think that's what the author is pointing out.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 4-9-08 2:49 PM
re: Onion Article
God doesn't have an open relationship with us. He invites us to accept His offer or to decline. An open relationship means that both parties are open to pursue other people while they are still primarily in a relationship with each other. God's not really open to this, do you know what I mean? He tends to get jealous because He knows we were designed to worship only Him. It therefore is not an open relationship when we decide to go somewhere else besides God for the kind of intimacy that only He can provide. It is, what one might call, an adulterous relationship. The commitment has been broken. Hard feelings ensue.
Katy, Friday, 4-11-08 10:39 AM
re: Onion Article
Of course, I expect the "adulterous" label, in the strictest sense of the word, probably applies to most "open" relationships of the human sort too. :}
Annette, Friday, 4-11-08 1:40 PM
re: Onion Article
And one more thing...

I, probably since I grew up in an Evangelical church, read the article and thought "that's ridiculous for her actually to be Jealous of God's affection for someone else - as if His s faithfulness to someone else could reduces His faithfulness to her." Because, as we know, God's very nature prevents him from being unfaithful to any of his people, which is more than the most perfect of human lovers can claim.

And yet, looking back through the OT and the rest of history Christian and otherwise, I think there's Plenty of precedent for exactly those feelings. Jonah and the Ninevites is the first example that springs to mind. And the NT shows that the road was anything by smooth when God made it clear that the Gentiles were now perfectly welcome into His family.
And I expect if we were perfectly honest we'd find ways in which we too were jealous of God's affection, faithfulness, and perhaps especially forgiveness and grace as extended to others. Who hasn't felt a little like the Prodigal's brother at some time or another?

Annette, Friday, 4-11-08 1:53 PM
re: Onion Article
Yeah, I'm done. It's The Onion. Maybe I need to regain a little perspective ;). But the Onion is such an insightful commentary on things sometimes that it gets my attention. I hope it gets theirs too.
Katy, Saturday, 4-12-08 12:37 AM
re: Onion Article
Who hasn't felt a little like the Prodigal's brother at some time or another?

or better yet, who hasn't been jealous of the attention that the prodigal brother got?
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Saturday, 4-12-08 1:34 PM
re: Onion Article
I must admit I have been jealous of the attention to my wayward younger sister at times.
Once my Dad actually told me that he would have given me $10,000 after a sale of some property but since my sister was cutting herself off from the family and he couldn't give her a share, he didn't feel he should give me my share. It wouldn't be fare to her. It took all of my will not to scream at him, "what about what is fare to me?!! I'm the one who is still in the family."

I know that the church has over and over been jealous of the newly saved. Not really ready to believe that God has gotten through to them because, "well they play guitars or wear tats or whatever." Fact is though we have to be ready to welcome them all home or accept that we are really off in our own "far country" and we only think we are "home".

Ok, back to the article...

I think the gal who wrote the article is doing more here though. I think she is deliberately playing with our image of God. She is trying to trivialize both God, and our relationship with Him. Make Him out like someone who is just playing with our heads. Then also that He is one of many God's that we have to choose from. As if there really were God's to choose from. Truth is, we really only have one real choice. Everything else is just a failure to acknowledge the truth.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Monday, 4-14-08 8:01 PM
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