The Great Butt Hunt
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Who knew that butts were such a problem?
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Stephanie, Monday, 4-14-08 5:31 PM
re: The Great Butt Hunt
Oh, I did! Why so many (I know: not all!) smokers think they should just be able to toss the danged things randomly - often when there's an ash tray within 15 feet - is beyond me. Grrrr!
I'm afraid spending a Saturday picking up the things would lead to very un-Christian thoughts towards the litterers, too...
Butt Hater, Monday, 4-14-08 6:13 PM
re: The Great Butt Hunt
Picking up cigarette butts was always my punishment for street kids that got out of line. That and cleaning off graffetti. Both rather nasty jobs that helped them remember that there really are rules.
Debbie, Monday, 4-14-08 7:29 PM
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