September Morn
The morning of September 22nd to be specific NEIL DIAMOND is coming to Portland! Oh yea! Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show is comin' to town!

Anyone interested in going? You all know I'll be there (or better yet, anyone want to watch an 18 month old and a 2 1/2 month old so Mommy and Daddy can be Forever in Blue Jeans?
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ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Tuesday, 4-15-08 12:11 PM
re: September Morn
Hey, Cool!

How much are tickets?

Debbie, Tuesday, 4-15-08 4:21 PM
re: September Morn
I'm not sure - they go on sale on the 28th of April...last year when we went we paid $40 for the nose bleed section but it was still awesome!
Stephanie, Tuesday, 4-15-08 11:10 PM
re: September Morn
Let me know.
Debbie, Thursday, 4-17-08 1:07 PM
re: September Morn
I'll be sure to do that :-)
Stephanie, Thursday, 4-17-08 9:53 PM
re: September Morn
So - tickets go on sale at 10:00 AM this morning! Yipee!
Stephanie, Monday, 5-5-08 7:57 AM
re: September Morn
Ticket Prices: $120 $85 $55

ROUS  Ben Richards, Monday, 5-5-08 11:09 AM
re: September Morn
Count me in! Mel will have to work though. How do you want to do this?
ROUS  Debbie Day, Monday, 5-5-08 2:26 PM
re: September Morn
I'm so sorry - I bought the tickets before I read your post...I bought one for my mom and one for myself...however, if you'd like to carpool, have dinner/coffee with us you are welcome to...
Stephanie, Monday, 5-5-08 10:37 PM
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