go see Prince Caspian?
Prince Caspian comes to the silver screen in a couple weeks. Does anyone want to get a group together the Friday its released (05/16/08)? There's a whole slew of movie times, but I'd expect there'll be competition for seats.

What do you think?
Link: Prince Caspian on Fandango
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 4-30-08 11:18 AM
re: go see Prince Caspian?
Since more people were available the following Friday, it looks like we're going 5/23/08.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 5-1-08 3:37 PM
re: go see Prince Caspian?
Dinner @ 6:30 at Baja Fresh, in the big shopping center near the Cedar Hills theater.

Movie @ 7:45 at Cedar Hills.

See you then!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 5-23-08 6:04 PM
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