A Woman's Guide to The Superbowl
An excerpt - lessons on "talking the talk:"
Scenario No. 1: Quarterback (the man who starts most plays with his hands under the fat guy's butt) throws a wobbly pass and a player on the other team catches the ball.

You say ... What a duck! or ... He's no Peyton Manning!

Scenario No. 2: Fast guy runs all the way from one end of the field to the other resulting in a touchdown.

You say ... That guy's got wheels. or ... I've seen better coverage in Pop Warner games!

Scenario No. 3: Small non-athletic looking guy misses field-goal kick.

You say ... Choker! or ... Go back to soccer!

Scenario No. 4: Man with the ball drops it and a player for the other team picks it up.

You say ... Protect the ball, dude! or ... Butterfingers!

Link: Faking the Superbowl
Annette, Thursday, 1-27-05 10:41 AM
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