Annette, Thursday, 1-27-05 3:33 PM
re: Physics (Easter Egg)
Next Easter Egg goes to the person who "figures out" the Physics post.
Annette, Friday, 1-28-05 4:26 PM
re: Physics
Aside from the fact that the last photo is poorly retouched (faked, photoshopped, etc.)?

Dan, Saturday, 1-29-05 12:10 AM
re: Physics
Poorly? I don't know about that. I thought it was a reasonably good job. (And No, I didn't do it.) ;)
Yes, that was the deal. I owe you Taco Bell. :)
Annette, Saturday, 1-29-05 10:23 AM
re: Physics
You can see that the background is from a previous photo (see red car on jetty, etc. . .). Also, obviously too small splash in water, improbable angle of water entry, and so forth. Just calling it as I see it.
Dan, Sunday, 1-30-05 1:15 AM
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