New Easter Egg
For all your Simpsons Trivia buffs:
One of the regular characters on The Simpsons is living under an assumed name. Who is it, and what is that character's birth name?

(for the record: the first correct responder *on this forum* wins the prize, which is free lunch at Taco Bell [not Happy Panda, not Olive Garden, Taco Bell!] on a convenient Sunday after church.)
Annette, Friday, 3-18-05 11:59 AM
re: New Easter Egg
Armin Tanzarian is the birth name of principal Skinner. Don't know if anyone else jumped on this, but I thought I'd take a shot.
Dan, Sunday, 3-20-05 12:05 AM
re: New Easter Egg
Seymour Skinner, that is. And the last name may possibly be spelled Tamzarian. Not sure.
Dan, Sunday, 3-20-05 12:12 AM
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