Next Movie Night?
We need to collect votes for our next movie night. Actually, we probably need to schedule it too... but let's assume it's happening sometime after Mayhem.
Anyway, Napoleon Dynamite has been floated as a proposal.
Any other ideas? Or votes for Napoleon?

ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 3-24-05 5:23 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
My vote is on Napoleon!
T, Saturday, 3-26-05 6:11 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
Me too!
The other T, Monday, 3-28-05 10:59 AM
re: Next Movie Night?
I think maybe we should do this one:
Link: Anakin Dynamite
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 3-31-05 1:02 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
My vote is for either Napoleon Dynamite or Star Wars (either A New Hope, Episodes 4-6, or Revenge of the Sith). RotS trailer looked decent to me. RotS comes out May 19, so we could watch it before the next movie night, though we obviously wouldn't be able to watch it on DVD...
David, Thursday, 3-31-05 4:37 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
Speaking of the next movie night, December and I were talking on the way home from the last movie night (home is a short three and a half hour ride from Forest Grove) and we were wondering what people are thinking about the games. No, I'm not fishing for compliments. We're happy to create 'em if people like playing them, but we just don't want to assume anything (you know what happens when you assume. Bad things!) If it's time to find a different activity than a game for the movie parties, that's fine. Our feelings won't be hurt. Or if you'd like to give game creation a try, we're happy to pass the torch (This, of course, is an open offer for everybody but Dave. And maybe Kyle.) Again, I'm not looking for compliments here, just honest opinions. Your thoughts?
ROUS  Doug Miller, Saturday, 4-2-05 10:59 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
Well, since I'm not able to create games, I'll just give my feedback. Overall, I really like the games.

The only problem I've had with any of them is when the questions get into who various actors, actresses, etc., are and what they've done. For me, that's all stuff that has no bearing on the movie. When Harrison Ford plays Han Solo, he's not Harrison Ford - he's Han Solo. Han Solo is who matters; Harrison Ford is less than meaningless in terms of knowledge of the movie. I'd be happier if I didn't know the names of any of the real people behind the characters.

The only potential exception is when you have people like Tom Cruise, in which case the name tells you to stay away from a movie.
David, Monday, 4-4-05 12:28 PM
re: Next Movie Night?
Doug, what way do you go back home that takes 3.5 hours? I would've guessed more like 1.5 hours.
David, Monday, 4-4-05 12:29 PM
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