Advice for all brides of the summer
From my "Schott's Almanac" page-a-day calendar:

"Because it was held that witches were unable to shed more than three tears - and those only from the left eye - it was considered good luck (and, indeed, simple good sense) for a bride to week copiously on her wedding day, thus reassuring her husband that she had not previously plighted her troth to the Prince of Darkness."

Let's see those tears, Laura and Katy!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 7-17-08 3:45 PM
re: Advice for all brides of the summer
Even more advice from the Almanac, dated 1905:

Not the least useful piece of advice, homely though it may be, that we can offer newly-married ladies, is to remind them that husbands are men, and that men must eat. We can tell them, moreover, that men attach no small importance to this very essential operation, and that a very effectual way to keep them in good-humour, as well as good condition, is for wives to study their husband's peculiar likes and dislikes in this matter. Let the wife try, therefore, if she have not already done so, to get up a little knowledge in the art of ordering dinner, to say the least of it. This task, if she be disposed to learn it, will in time be easy enough; moreover, if in addition she should acquire some practical knowledge of cookery, she will find more ample reward in the gratification it will be the means of affording her husband.

ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 7-18-08 4:04 PM
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