New taglines for site
I am thinking of adding some new tag-lines to the home page. We already have
  • Church without pretense
  • Worth the commute
  • Forming fully functional followers
  • Youthgroup for Grownups

    I am thinking of adding
  • Geek Friendly

    Anybody else have ideas for more taglines?
  • ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 8-15-08 11:13 AM
    re: New taglines for site
    How about "Assiduously avoiding alliteration" ?
    ROUS  Dan Banham, Friday, 8-15-08 3:16 PM
    re: New taglines for site
    Nice one Dan.

    How about,

    -Geeks for God
    -Where there are two kinds of people ... those who understand binary, and those who, oh nevermind, why are we always putting people into two categories? (Ok, that might be a bit long)
    -Unequivocally free of all sorts of pretense -- and if anyone implies we are then they can go back to Gresham. (Sorry, I need to work on brevity, I know)

    Oh, this is too much fun!
    ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Friday, 8-15-08 3:28 PM
    re: New taglines for site
    How about.
    Where Geeks and Guitar players live side by side in harmony.
    The church that serves breakfast. :)
    ROUS  Debbie Day, Sunday, 8-17-08 5:27 PM
    re: New taglines for site
    I went to add the new slogans (which I edited down to
    * The church that serves breakfast
    * Where geeks and guitarists get along
    * Geek Friendly
    * Geeks for God
    only to find that this frankly wretched ISP (that's "Internet Service Provider" for you non-geeks, aka "the people that own the servers running this beautiful site") has included in their recent "ugprades" a happy little content filter that replaces all instances of the tag "Script" with the tag "InvalidTag."
    I am sure this is for my own good, but it does make it really hard to show a rotating randomized tagline.
    There's no way to back out my changes, so for now I had to eliminate the very thing I was trying to improve.

    I'm already annoyed enough with UplinkEarth to not only name them in my rant, but also to be actively looking for an alternative. If anyone happens to have personal experience with a good cheap ISP who provides ColdFusion and Access database support, let me know!
    In the meantime, the tagline is gone until I have the time / patience to download the whole DB to my local system, update the appropriate table, and re-deploy it. Fat lot 'o work for little benefit in my opinion.
    ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 8-18-08 6:45 PM
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