Wedding sites

David, Sunday, 6-12-05 10:11 PM
re: Wedding sites
Is there something you want to tell us Dave?
Tauna, Monday, 6-13-05 9:43 AM
re: Wedding sites
dave is marrying a glacier?
Mark, Tuesday, 6-14-05 6:38 PM
re: Wedding sites
I suppose it's the right temperature for him.


Oh Dave, it's just too easy!
Tauna, Tuesday, 6-14-05 11:33 PM
More reasons not to live in Alaska
(See link)
Link: Eagle Dive Bombs House with Dead Salmon
Annette, Wednesday, 6-15-05 3:47 PM
re: Wedding sites
This is a reason not to live in Ketchikan, but says nothing of Alaska as a whole. Except, perhaps, that you get to see much more wildlife in Alaska.
David, Thursday, 6-16-05 2:20 PM
re: Wedding sites
> I suppose it's the right temperature for him.

While I'm not (nor will I ever) marrying a glacier, I feel I must impart some information. Being on a glacier is an exhilarating experience. You feel quite alive, unlike the feeling you get in some of those unbearably hot places like California and Florida. I recommend that everyone spend at least a little time on a glacier.
David, Thursday, 6-16-05 2:26 PM
re: Wedding sites
I would reccommend a warm, sunny beach.
Tauna, Thursday, 6-16-05 9:13 PM
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