"Fund" is not German for bottom. In German it means a discovery or find. It is Romanian for bottom. I hate when I mix up languages. Please forgive.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Wednesday, 1-7-09 9:42 PM
re: "fund"
I'm just wondering what prompted Katy to post this...
David, Friday, 1-9-09 1:40 PM
We in the other room at rehearsal night (last Wednesday) were talking about "fundraising" and for some reason I started laughing because I remembered getting into trouble with this word before in another language. So I told Trey and others present that fund meant bottom in German. But I got the language wrong. Not wanting to misrepresent the German language I thought I'd post it for others who were there and may pass on misinformation.

Sorry I didn't explain the context in the previous post, David.

Some fun language mishaps in Romanian context happen when you go the bank and ask to open an account or "fond". If you accidentally pick "fund", it can lead to explosive laughter on the part of the teller if you get it wrong.

There, now you have more information than you'll ever need.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Saturday, 1-10-09 9:41 PM
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