New PC input device
Well, it's getting closer to the time when I'll be happy to set aside the keyboard. Link is to a company that's been working on a wireless neural device for PC input. Still pretty crude, but better than a lot of previous stuff.
David, Friday, 1-23-09 4:05 PM
re: New PC input device
Huh?!? So my geek ratio is not nearly strong enough to even remotely understand what you are talking about. :-P
ROUS  Amy Bowen, Friday, 1-23-09 4:09 PM
re: New PC input device
Two words: mind power. Device lets you do stuff on your computer by thinking about it. They also have a hookup for letting you run a wheelchair based on your thoughts.
David, Monday, 1-26-09 9:46 PM
re: New PC input device
Now that really rocks!

Wish I had it today. I'm getting mouse shoulder big time.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Tuesday, 1-27-09 5:14 PM
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