Ok, some of us talked about going to a game this year. We've decided to go to the Oct. 23 game (against the Cowboys). The tickets are going to be $55, unless we want to get some better seats for $65 (see the link to the seating chart). The tickets go on sale Saturday, so I'd like to buy them then to get the best possible seats.

So please let me know if you would prefer the $65 seats. If I get a supermajority, then we'll do that. Also, if I haven't asked you & you would like to go, please let me know. The more the merrier!!
Link: seating chart
Zach, Wednesday, 8-10-05 11:55 PM
re: Seahawks
I got the tickets. I was somehow able to get in earlier than Saturday. Anyway, we are on the 50 yard line, pretty high up, a few rows down from where we were last year. Section 335, row NN.

The damage ended up being $61 each with all the charges. Go Cowboys!
Zach, Thursday, 8-11-05 11:13 AM
re: Seahawks
We've got some leftover tickets to the game this weekend ($60 each). If anyone else want in, let me know.
Zach, Tuesday, 10-18-05 1:15 PM
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