Venn Diagram: Pregnancy Needs

ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 1-29-09 1:43 PM
re: Venn Diagram: Pregnancy Needs
And thus the moodyness of the average pregnant woman.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Thursday, 1-29-09 2:51 PM
re: Venn Diagram: Pregnancy Needs
Something I noticed.... Annette assigned this chart of "wants" to a level of "needs"....
David, Thursday, 1-29-09 4:18 PM
re: Venn Diagram: Pregnancy Needs
Annette did this because in the venn diagram for perceived needs vs. wants, the circles would be entirely overlapping (same circle). This is just the way it is, guys. I enjoyed this Annette.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Friday, 1-30-09 7:03 PM
re: Venn Diagram: Pregnancy Needs
Yes, Katy got it in one. I didn't even realize I'd re-labeled the graph, because it was intensely obvious that these were, indeed, needs. ;)
Annette, Monday, 2-2-09 6:47 PM
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