Church Bulletin Bloopers
I found this on the message board of Danial Tyalor's website It's pretty hillarious!

Link: Bloopers
ben, Saturday, 8-13-05 1:20 PM
re: Church Bulletin Bloopers
These are SO FUNNY!
Tauna, Monday, 8-15-05 7:47 AM
re: Church Bulletin Bloopers
My favorite: "The outreach committee has enlisted 25 visitors to make calls on people who are not afflicted with any church. "

Anyone want to go out and find some more people to afflict tomorrow? ;)
-A, Monday, 8-15-05 8:52 AM
re: Church Bulletin Bloopers
That sounds like a task for Tauna.
David, Monday, 8-15-05 3:50 PM
re: Church Bulletin Bloopers
No no no. Brainwash...

affliction is not my territory.
Tauna, Monday, 8-15-05 5:59 PM
re: Church Bulletin Bloopers
Brainwashing is a specific type of affliction.
David, Wednesday, 8-17-05 2:34 PM
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