For those of you wondering what the latest trends in men's fashion are...
David, Tuesday, 2-10-09 10:59 AM
re: Beards
Nice to know that Mel is back in style.

I have always loved his beard. In fact when he had to shave it off for a few months I really missed it.

We have a deal. He keeps his beard and I keep my long hair.

We are both happy campers.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 2-11-09 12:43 PM
re: Beards
stephanie and i had a similar agreement where if i didn't grow a beard she would not cut her hair short.
ROUS  Ben Richards, Thursday, 2-12-09 4:52 PM
re: Beards
I notice that Stephanie has been cutting her hair short....
David, Friday, 2-13-09 12:35 AM
re: Beards
shorter but not as short as she would prefer.
ROUS  Ben Richards, Friday, 2-13-09 7:59 AM
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