Ladie's Bowling
Ok. The men will be gone soon, so here's the deal on bowling at Sunset Lanes for those of you who want to have an all chicks bowling outing. If we want the truly hip "cosmic bowling" experience, it will cost $14 on Friday night per person. That's right. On Saturday it would be $3.95 between the hours of 2:00 and 5:30 p.m.

If we don't care about cosmic bowling, it's $4.75 on Friday night.

Link: Sunset Lanes Cosmic Bowl Prices
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Thursday, 2-19-09 7:17 PM
re: Ladie's Bowling
I spoke with Karen, and we thought it may be alot of fun to play bingo and Sunset Bingo. It's only $2.00 per packet from 6:30-10pm. My sister and I did Bingo at Tigard High to support the school and it was so fun. We kept winning all night and pretty soon people gave us a harsh look!! So we are calling some ladies tonight and will update!!

Jody, Thursday, 2-19-09 8:29 PM
re: Ladie's Bowling
Nobody commented on my punctuation. Did it not irk some of you?
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Saturday, 2-21-09 10:33 PM
re: Ladies' Bowling
Yes, it did.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 2-23-09 1:43 PM
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