National Punctuation Day
All violators of good punctuation will be severaly punished. :)

Anyone other than me have any major Punctuation Pet Peeves?
Here are a few:

Free "Strawberries" next left
[what, are the strawberries fake?]

Smile, your on camera

Its almost Christmas time

Potato's and Carrot's for sale here

Or, if you really want me to tear my hair out:
Its time to get you're "Strawberry's"

Link: Punctuation Day.
Annette, Monday, 8-22-05 2:05 PM
re: National Punctuation Day
I hate it when theres bad punctuation. Its like, your really hungry for "taco's" and cant find anyplace open. Almost as annoying as when a sentence has it's participle's dangling.
Dan, Wednesday, 8-24-05 3:23 PM
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